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  • Our Values

As a growing company we are trying to create a business system that allows for honesty and transparency in our system.

To provide truly natural and effective products with high quality ingredients.  We make all of our tinctures/extracts in small batches by hand with ingredients sourced from certified organic farms.  As a matter of fact all of our ingredients are either organically grown or ethically wildharvested.  You will not find any herbicide/pesticide residues in our prodcts. And the medicinal quality of our ingredients is very high since they are grown without chemical fertilizers.  We take pride in supporting organic agriculture since it benefits the environment as well as our bodies.

We also have a goal to provide a working environment that allows for an enjoyable work experience for everyone on our team. We started as a family business and now our family has grown… our team is our family.. We encourage everyone to strive for their personal best and create an environment that facilitates personal growth.  We love that we get to work with people that laugh and enjoy life and everyting in it.

To establish a business system that looks at the whole picture.  We try to understand where our ingredients are coming from and make an effort to support suppliers that are making a positive impact.

Of course we recycle….a lot….doesn’t everybody?  We are still able to maintain a system of reuse that we hope to utilize for as long as possible as we grow in reusing boxes that are about to be discarded.  That’s right, we dumpster dive for boxes!  It not only saves the paper, but the energy that would be used to recycle the material as well.  We do the same for packing peanuts.   We are constantly searching for new and better sources that have a better impact for printed materials and packaging.

We print using soy ink on recycled paper and buy recycled office products.

As often as possible we source locally which saves shipping ingredients long distances.

Our products are cruelty free, never tested on animals.

Our products are GMO free.

We encourage carpooling and riding bikes to work