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Ojas Naturals’ Anit-Itchy for Cats is amazing!  My cat, Conan, has a bad time with flea dermatitis occasionally.  I have tried a number of products to help give him relief when this happens and am so glad to have found this product.  The problem area heals quickly and I love that it is plant and mineral based.  Thank you so much!!!

Melissa Cushing (and Conan)


Conan the Kitty!


After agonizing for six weeks with an infection of poison oak, I was thinking of going to a doctor–if you knew me you’d know that is desperation indeed–when a thoughtful person recommended Anti-Itchy Spray.

A few months before, I’d had a bout with poison oak and it had gone away normally, but whether I was continually re-infecting myself this time or had somehow become more sensitive, this batch just was not getting any better.  For all the application of products touted to alleviate and cure my poison oak, I could see no improvement in the outbreak.  If anything it seemed to be spreading.

After a single application of Anti-Itchy spray I started seeing improvement.  For the first time in over six weeks I actually could sleep through the night. Of course the immediate relief from the nightmarish symptoms made it more than worth the purchase price–but in less than twelve hours the rash had noticeably diminished and in less than a week–with one or two applications of spray per day–the outbreak  was all but gone and with symptoms hardly noticeable at all.

Having suffered for so many weeks and then to feel improvement almost instantly, you may imagine there was a somewhat miraculous air about this product, and to make certain I hadn’t dreamed it I went back to the store and bought two more bottles. There is no dearth of potions and nostrums out there to dazzle and confuse–but be assured when you get your hands on a bottle of Anti-Itchy Spray, you’ve found a treasure.

mike mcCool


Hello to all at Ojas Ayurveda,

I happened to borrow a bottle of the Anti-Itchy from my daughter, I was over my mom’s and she was covering a spot on her toe. The foot Doctor had recommended, so I uncovered cleaned and put some of the Anti-Itchy on and it had healed the area on her toe.  Then mom had a spot on her hand that was not going away from a burn. It was irritated and bothered her for a few months. Mom said could you spray some Anti-Itchy on my hand. After the first day the area no longer itched and was half better. We are still applying to the hand and the area is changing for the better each time.  Mom was visiting her sister and was telling her about Anti-Itchy. So, her sister said hey maybe that Anti-Itchy could help my son he has a rash on his stomach. . . . . . .So, Mom and I are happy to use Anti-Itchy and also tell others!
With much appreciation!
Thank you,


Thank you so much for coming up with a product that really works – immediately – and it is herbal!  No side affects.  The only affect is that one spray and it is on its way!  One spray and within seconds I can go on with my life without ANY itch at all, then the rash suddenly disappears too!  Its magic!  None of the other remedies ever really worked for me….now I can go out with my dogs hiking knowing that if they get poison oak – I will not have to suffer from it at all!.  Thank you so much for saving me and all like me from weeks and months of this scurge!.

Karen Leitner, Ashland Oregon


We have one customer who had a huge blackberry bush scratch that was puffed up with poison oak and the Anti-Itchy not only gave him much needed relief but took it away completely!  Great product –  Mama Java

I want to thank you so much for the anti-itchy.   I have had the worst time with mosquito bites my whole life and nothing has ever helped. I have tried just about everything.  I don’t get just a little itchy bite, I get a huge ITCHY whelp.  Anita gave me the anti-itchy to try and it has been wonderful.  I still have the whelp but no itch.  Amazing!  I have already told my mother about it and I am going to buy a bottle from Anita to give to her.  Thank you so much.  I will definitely be recommending this to everyone:O)

Sherry Cox

I tried ANTI-ITCHY when a fellow REI employee offered it to me for my poison oak.  I never learn, I get poison oak several times a year.  When I used this all natural spray the first things I noticed were the cooling effect and the pleasant smell.  Then I noticed that my arm didn’t itch.  I have used several other creams and lotions most chemical based, and I would say that ANTI-ITCHY worked as well as the best and better than the rest.  

I have worked at the Eugene REI for over three years and I know that many of the environmentally conscious, local and small business oriented customers that I see day after day would choose this product over others that are not all-natural.  I am also the Outdoor Adventure Coordinator for a youth group and I would put a bottle in our first aid kit because it temporarily relieves itching on contact, it smells good, and it’s all natural.

REI Eugene OR


You guys have done wonders with Anti-Itchy!
I gave the bug bite one to my bff (and co-worker) who has quite the
reaction to the common bug bite (skin swells so much it breaks and
itches like hell).  She LOVES it!  I think she’s still in shock that
there is actually something out there that is helping her.  She forgot
to bring the bug bite anti-itchy to work today and I still had the
 eczemaway  in my bag so she used it and STILL got relief.  She’s amazed.
I don’t have bites yet so I haven’t been able to experiment…but I plan
to get plenty this weekend and will have it on hand!

Anita Self
Fort Campbell, KY

“And a little personal note,  Anti-Itchy works really good.  Got poison oak, sprayed it on once a day for two days and Poison oak Bye Bye.  Thank you.”
Scott (Oregon’s Constant Gardener)


I live in Northern California by the coast where there happens to be many places to harvest herbs. Particularly nettles. It seems that whenever I venture out to do my harvesting, inevitably, without failing I always seem to get poison oak! I’ve tried everything from green clay with tea tree oil, to technu, plus a few others, and none of them seemed to work. Then I came across Anti-Itchy spray. I just have to say immediately upon spraying it on the area that had been affected, the intense irritation subsided, as did the inflammation. I didn’t feel the need to constantly scratch, and instead of the poison continuing to spread, the Anti-Itchy contained it and allowed the area to heal faster than anything I’ve tried in the past! If you work outdoors and are subjected to the poison oak like I am, than this product is great to have on hand. Kudos to the makers of this product! I highly recommend Anti-Itchy!

Sincerely,  TIna


I work at a store that sells Anti-Itchy products.  I won’t sell  Anything I haven’t tried myself.  After testing the products  myself I am happy to sell them.  I absolutely adore Anti-Itchy.  I have people come in the store with a skin issue and I spray our tester on them.  By the time they come up to the register the itch is gone.  I’ve used it for so many things, bee stings, mosquito bites, spider bites, mite bites, general rashes even small cuts and scrapes.  I spray it on a cut and in 8 hours it heals with no scar.  Great products!

Teresa in San Luis Obispo, California

Usually when I received poison oak I would wash down with cala-gel, dawn dish soap and other over the counter meds, and take the special oatmeal baths, to dry out my skin. Doing all that would just delay the poison oak. Normally, I would have to let poison oak go its course until a medical physician would prescribe me medical grade anti biotic ointment. I would have to apply the ointment and wrap all the parts of my body where the poison oak was at, so it would not spread any more. Then I found Anti-itchy! Not only does Anti-Itchy relieve the itching, it dried up the poison oak and it was gone within a week. Anti-Itchy is the first product I have found to completely stop and remove poison oak from my skin.
-Simon Blatz-

I had a rash nobody could explain.  It started on my arm and them moved to my legs and then it was all over my body – even on my face and neck!  I think it may have been some sort of hives or something but it wasn’t going away.  I tried everything I could think of and a friend recommended Anti-Itchy to me. After weeks of a rash that was incredibly uncomfortable,  I was amazed to have the itch and burn sensation go away almost instantly!  I kept spraying it and in a week it was totally healed.
Alex Alvarez  NY

I have dealt with psoriasis on my elbows for what seems like forever.  The severity would vary depending on the season but it was always there.  I always felt very self conscious about the dry patches of “elephant skin” on my elbows.  I used Anti-Itchy for  a while when it was really going off.  I wish I had taken a before and after photo to show the drastic change.  In just one day of use my skin was not nearly as dry and irritated.  It looked like it was actually healing.  Within a week it had almost completely healed.  I can’t believe I found something that works.  I have tried every lotion and potion you could name but Anti-Itchy has by far done the very best.  Thank you for making such an amazing product.

Katie  La Crosse WI