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Category Archives: Uncategorized

Have you tried Oil Pulling?

Have you tried Oil Pulling?   It seems like everyone is trying it. Instead of mouthwash people are using oil as a part of their daily oral care routine. It all started 5000 years ago with Ayurveda. Oils are highly revered in Ayurveda, as a matter of fact the Sanskrit word for oil, sneha, also Continue Reading

What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is India’s ancient system of healing and wellness. It is a nature-based system that encourages wellness by balancing the five elements in the human body. Foods, herbs, and lifestyle practices are used to balance the elements. Ayurveda uses opposites to create balance. For example, a hot, inflammatory illness would be associated with the Fire Continue Reading

Oil Cleansing and Abhyanga

The Oil Cleansing Method This holistic approach to facial care makes so much sense. It may seem like a scary prospect at first, especially if you have been trying to avoid your own skin’s oil for years, but many people have had great success using the oil cleaning method to heal their skin, be it Continue Reading

Randiant Skin Tea

  This concoction of tea is great for detoxing and supporting radiant skin form the inside out. Dandelion root is a liver, kidney, and gallbladder detoxifier. Burdock is a blood purifier traditionally used to treat skin ailments like eczema. Yellow dock is a mild laxative…and elimination is the key to getting rid of all those Continue Reading

Dandelion Quickbread

          A patch of dandelions fills my front yard. I know that dandelion root is great for detoxing and that the leaves offer a delicious burst of nutrients and bitter flavor to salads and sautes, but I wanted to make something with the bright flowers that adorn these plants. I decided Continue Reading