Our Story

How It All Began

Ojas Naturals was created by Dana and James with a single product, Anti-Itchy, a formula created by James more than 10 years ago. He had been selling the product very casually to clients and friends for ten years and it was a favorite that people always came back for. It was this amazing formulation that created the basis for everything we have in our Anti-Itchy line today. Being in Eugene, Oregon was a huge help in that we went to all the local stores to sell our product and found amazing support from the local stores.  Today Ojas Naturals is based out of Portland, OR and they have expanded to have multiple product lines available in stores all across the US, Canada, and Europe.

It only takes one!

One thought, one idea, in one moment in time to create a future.

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Word of mouth is an amazing force and before long we were getting phone calls from remote places. Once we branched out in an effort to spread our products into more stores across the nation things were a little harder. We had a lot to learn but have been very successful! It is a memory of this that encourages Dana and James to live their personal lives and run their business in an effort to support small companies and large companies with ethical values.

We use our purchasing power as a form of activism. As a we grow we make a conscious effort to maintain the same level of customer service we had when we established the company. As we establish more intricate systems and bring more people on board to work with us, we are constantly monitoring the quality of our final product and the ability for us to maintain excellent customer service.