Love from the Ojas Community

The Ginger Honey Extract is a full encompassing whole body super tonic with Spleen/Stomach soothing Qi and so much more! Nice work! Adam
Adam Collins
I've been a working esthetician for 18 years, and in the beauty industry for over 20, and Ojas Naturals (particularly the Black Cumin Seed Oil) is as good as it gets when it comes to quality and integrity. I use this serum daily under my SPF, the scent is light, spicy and gorgeous. I often use it all over my body over night and I wake up with the skin I had when I was 20 (seriously!) and I smell amazing. Black cumin seed oil is especially good for dry skin with acne, sensitivity, and is very anti-inflammatory. Despite being an oil, it absorbs rapidly and will not cause you to break out (in fact the opposite). Feel free to look me up (I use my real name) and verify I'm really this enthusiastic about Ojas Naturals, it's absolutely one of my best discoveries in skin care.
- Brigette
Whiter Teeth in Days! This is really good. I've been doing about 5-8 sprays and leaving it in my mouth for about a minute. I feel a real difference. My teeth just feel cleaner and I've noticed them looking whiter, too. I travel a lot so it's also really good if you are on a plane or somewhere you don't have access to a tooth brush or running water. I also like that the ingredients are all natural. 5 Stars no doubt!!! -Cezil Reed
-Cezil Reed
I have a long history with Ayurveda, both in my education and an admitted fan of Ayurvedic herbs and beauty treatments. Ojas Naturals Pulling Oil in cinnamon is so effective, it makes swishing it around for many minutes something I look forward to, and it's actually delicious- the hint of cinnamon tastes like dessert and actually stops my cravings for late night sweets after dinner (plus your teeth feel ultra clean after so even more reason to skip the sweets!). Unlike the popularized coconut oil (thanks bloggers), this formula is a blend designed to optimize the goals of oil pulling. My teeth look brighter, but I also notice my eyes look brighter and my skin has improved as a result too- not the result I was getting with other pulling oils or techniques. I will likely only use this brand for pulling oil from now on.
I am so grateful to have stumbled upon your poison ivy spray! What a lifesaver - our backyard is a carpet of poison oak and poison ivy, and there's no way to differentiate in winter from other plants. This avid gardener has been miserable!! Now I just have one question: WHY are you not available in Charlotte!?! Please let me know how I can help - I could single handedly make this fly off the shelves for you!Anyhow, thank you again, and you can expect frequent orders from me!
-Eliza Leggatt National Educator-Nordic Naturals
Thank you so much for coming up with a product that really works - immediately - and it is herbal! No side effects. The only effect is that one spray and it is on its way! One spray and within seconds I can go on with my life without ANY itch at all, then the rash suddenly disappears too! Its magic! None of the other remedies ever really worked for I can go out with my dogs hiking knowing that if they get poison oak - I will not have to suffer from it at all!. Thank You so much for saving me and all like me from weeks and months of this scourge!.
-Karen Leitner, Ashland Oregon
I work at a store that sells Anti-Itchy products. I won't sell Anything I haven't tried myself. After testing the products myself I am happy to sell them. I absolutely adore Anti-Itchy.I have people come in the store with a skin issue and I spray our tester on them. By the time they come up to the register the itch is gone. I've used it for so many things, bee stings, mosquito bites, spider bites, mite bites, general rashes, even small cuts and scrapes. I spray it on a cut and in 8 hours it heals with no scar. Great products! -Teressa
I had tried everything to stop the horrible itching from bed bug bites and nothing worked until I tested your oak/ivy anti-itchy formula in my health food coop. Immediately I felt the cooling from the menthol crystals start to calm down the inflammation and within minutes the intensity of the itching had subsided. I was able to sleep through the nite after spraying all the bites. Thank you for a product that really works. I am now buying the large bottle for the next time I am around poison oak!!
After agonizing for six weeks with an infection of poison oak, I was thinking of going to a doctor--if you knew me you'd know that is desperation indeed--when a thoughtful person recommended Anti-Itchy Spray.A few months before, I'd had a bout with poison oak and it had gone away normally, but whether I was continually re-infecting myself this time or had somehow become more sensitive, this batch just was not getting any better. For all the application of products touted to alleviate and cure my poison oak, I could see no improvement in the outbreak. If anything it seemed to be spreading.After a single application of Anti-Itchy spray I started seeing improvement. For the first time in over six weeks I actually could sleep through the night. Of course the immediate relief from the nightmarish symptoms made it more than worth the purchase price--but in less than twelve hours the rash had noticeably diminished and in less than a week--with one or two application of spray per day--the outbreak was all but gone and with symptoms hardly noticeable at all.Having suffered for so many weeks and then to feel improvement almost instantly, you may imagine there was a somewhat miraculous air about this product,and to make certain I hadn't dreamed it I went back to the store and bought two more bottles. There is no dearth of potions and nostrums out there to dazzle and confuse--but be assured when you get your hands on a bottle of Anti-Itchy Spray, you've found a treasure. -Best, Mike McCool
-Best, Mike McCool
I live in Northern California by the coast where there happens to be many places to harvest herbs. Particularly nettles. It seems that whenever I venture out to do harvesting, inevitably, without failing I always seem to get poison oak! I've tried everything from green clay with tea tree oil, to technu, plus a few others, and none of them seemed to work. Then I came across Anti-Itchy spray. I just have to say immediately upon spraying it on the area that had been affected, the intense irritation subsided, as did the inflammation. I didn't feel the need to constantly scratch, and instead of the poison continuing to spread, the anti-itchy contained it and allowed the area to heal faster than anything I've tried in the past! If you work outdoors and are subjected to the poison oak like I am, then this product is great to have on hand. Kudos to the makers of this product! I highly recommend Anti-Itchy!
- Tina Moran Arcata, CA