Wiña Botanicals

Reintroducing and expanding traditional amazonian herbalism
Wiña Botanicals is an initiative that arises among Sieko’pai families of the Secoya Remolino community in the Ecuadorian Amazon. In collaboration with Ojas Naturals, we are working to use our knowledge of plants to address the cultural and environmental losses we are suffering. The culture and traditions of the Sieko’pai people are diverse and rich, the context in which the community lives has forced our people to carry out economic activities such as the planting of African palm and mining, activities that deeply affect our own culture and environment.

Exploring the local territory

We always wander through the jungle landscape looking for some of the tree barks and resins on each and every trip. It is important to always find new places to collect plants and tree barks/ resins. Harvesting in a sustainable way is always top of mind as we are tending to the jungle "garden" as stewards to this sacred land.

Harvesting tree bark

Here Basillio is taking a section of tree bark for our Ma'Ña Floral Water. He will only take a section of the tree so as to not cause irreversible harm. they will then not harvest again from this tree for a few years. Find more information in the store under amazonian products